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Hall County Parks and Leisure offers summer classes in dancing, music, martial arts
Danny Glenn leads a Choi Kwang Do class at the East Hall Community Center. The class is one of the summer activities offered at the facility. - photo by Tom Reed

It’s Memorial Day. School is out, the burgers are on the grill, and the whole summer lies ahead.

Those without plans need not fear; Hall County Parks and Leisure has a number of affordable classes available nearby to keep kids busy.

Program Coordinator Katie Nuckolls said dance classes are some of the most popular activities offered.

This year, there is a tap-ballet class for ages 3 to 5, a hip-hop class for ages 7 to 14 and a dance-cheer class for ages 6 to 12 at the South Hall Community Center. All cost $90 for eight sessions.

"They really like the dance classes a lot," Nuckolls said.

Along with dance classes, the East Hall Community Center will also offer a number of other lessons.

For $50 per month, ages 5 and up can take Choi Kwang Do classes, a form of martial arts.

For the musically inclined, piano and voice lessons are available for those older than 6 years.

"I think they will do very well. The prices on them, they try to keep them very low, so I think that will be something that kind of stimulates the popularity of the classes because people are looking for inexpensive activities for their kids to take part in this summer," Nuckolls said.

Hall County is also planning its first ever "staycation," a week of activities for the whole family without having to leave town.

"We’re really hoping that is going to be our big popular summer festival type thing. It’s going to be a week long of just different events and activities that families can come to," Nuckolls said. "We’re calling it a vacation at home."

The staycation will take place July 6 to 11 at various county parks.

Nuckolls said families can choose the activities that appeal to them throughout the week, most of which are free or low cost.

Among the activities planned for the staycation are scrapbooking, fishing and a mystery dinner party.

"We’re really trying to meet different types of families and different types of ages throughout the week," Nuckolls said.

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