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Hall County may ban sex offenders from door-to-door sales
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The Hall County Board of Commissioners is considering a law that would make it illegal for convicted sex offenders to solicit or sell door to door.

"I think it's a public safety problem," Commissioner Ashley Bell said. "I have small children and I just can't imagine us allowing someone convicted of child molestation to be out in the summertime knocking on doors."

The commission agreed at Thursday's board meeting to discuss a draft ordinance at its next work session.
Bell recommended the ordinance banning outdoor solicitation for anyone convicted of a crime of moral turpitude as well as punishment for someone caught doing so.

"Currently the law allows if you are convicted of a crime of moral turpitude, a 10-year ban from that point to get a solicitation license," Bell said. "I think it's prudent that we just take that 10-year period off and just ban that all together."

Bell also recommended a $1,000 fine and 30 days in jail for anyone who is caught in violation.

The move came after the commission voted to revoke the business licence of Larry Dalton, a registered sex offender who has gone door to door to promote his painting business.

Business License Director Susan Rector she received a number of complaints about Dalton. She also said told him he was not allowed to solicit door to door.

"He's also been instructed by his probation officer and the sheriff's department," Rector said.

Dalton said he needs to hand out business cards to promote his company.

"I'm terrified of losing my license," Dalton said. "I can't even work in a chicken plant in Gainesville because I'm a sex offender and it's too close to any church. There's nowhere I could work in Gainesville so I work for myself.

"I can't change my past. But I'm a success in my business."

Commissioner Steve Gailey recommended revoking Dalton's license.

"I think you had very adequate warning," Gailey said. "You can reapply next year if there's not been any problems. When you're getting complaints and getting calls from people, there's no other recourse. ... I'm sorry that this has got to happen this way."