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Hall County makes changes to tax assessors board
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The Hall County commission approved major changes to the controversial tax assessors board by adding people and taking away funding at Thursday’s meeting.

The three-member tax assessors board is currently paid $100 per meeting, with no limit on the number of times it can meet. "We want to amend that to $400 per month for members and $450 per month for the chairman," Commissioner Bobby Banks said. Board members will no longer receive paid holidays.

Earlier this month, the commission revoked the part-time board’s health insurance benefits.

Concerned residents came before the board of commissioners during the public budget hearings last month complaining that in a tight budget year, the tax assessors were paid too much and receiving full-time benefits when they are part-time employees.

Banks made a motion to add Virginia Cook to the board of tax assessors, and Chairman Tom Oliver nominated Bobby Hulsey, making the tax assessors a five-member board effective Sept. 1.

Commissioner Steve Gailey said adding two members to the board was necessary because of county growth.

"With Hall County the size that it is, you’re putting a lot of stress on three people," Gailey said.

The addition of two more members will draw about $9,600 a year from the budget. They will each serve a six-year term. With the funding available by decreasing the tax assessors’ pay, Gailey also proposed increasing the per diem pay for the Hall County Planning and Zoning Board.