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Hall County gas stations dry up as pipeline company works to send fuel
Overnight, AAA reported the price of regular gas in Georgia jumped more than 5 cents from Sunday’s average of $2.26 to just over $2.31 Monday. Last week’s rupture and leak of more than 252,000 gallons of gas in Alabama has led to some gas shortages in Georgia and fueled fears of more widespread shortages across the Southeast.

Gas stations across Gainesville, Hall County and the entire state were reporting fuel shortages Monday after a pipeline company in Alabama reported a break over the weekend.

Last week’s Colonial Pipeline rupture and leak of more than 252,000 gallons of gas in Alabama led to gas shortages across the Southeast, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal issued an executive order Monday aimed at preventing price gouging.

“There have been recent reports that wholesale and retail gas prices have substantially increased in some markets,” he said.

Governors across the South, including Deal, issued executive orders last week to suspend limitations on trucking hours, allowing drivers to stay on the road longer to bring gas stations fuel.

Matthew Saucter, co-manager of the RaceTrac at 2410 Cornelia Highway, said his station still had supplies as of Monday afternoon.

“But quite a few gas stations are affected,” he said. “Fortunately for us here at RaceTrac, we’re doing OK, right now.”

Saucter said the RaceTrac at the intersection of West Ridge Road and E.E. Butler Parkway in Gainesville was affected Monday morning, however. That store expected a delivery in the afternoon and hoped to only be out for a few hours.

Meanwhile, a representative from the Valero gas station at 1140 Jesse Jewell Parkway SW said the station was out of all gasoline and expected to be out until at least Thursday.

The BP gas station at 2300 Browns Bridge Road still had fuel Monday, and a representative said most BP locations in the area were “doing OK.”

But Channy Khied from QuikTrip at 1910 Jesse Jewell Parkway NE said that station was affected by the outage.

“We don’t have any gasoline at all,” she said. “The only thing we have left is diesel. That’s it.”

She said the stations considered “priority” — meaning they are refilled first — are those at the busiest intersections. The QuikTrip stations located just off Interstate 985 near Buford and Jefferson should continue to be stocked, she said.

She advised people to fill up this week whenever they pass a station with gas, just in case.

Prices at Gainesville and Hall County gas stations that still had fuel rose to an average $2.40 a gallon, some as high as $2.50 by Monday afternoon. Find the cheapest gas in Hall County.

According to an Associated Press report, AAA reported the price of regular gas in Georgia jumped more than 5 cents from Sunday night to Monday morning, from an average $2.26 to just over $2.31. The average price of regular gas in Georgia a week earlier was around $2.10, AAA reported.

In a statement early Monday, Colonial Pipeline said supplies of gasoline have either been delivered or are on their way to terminal locations in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The company reported it was working “around the clock” to limit disruptions to the region’s gas supply.

Fuel supplies in those five states were threatened by the spill, and the U.S. Department of Transportation ordered Colonial to take corrective action.

The Alpharetta-based company has two main lines. The company said Monday that it is shipping “significant volumes” on the second of the two lines to mitigate the impact of the interruption on the other line.

On Monday, Deal urged the public to “maintain regular consumption levels and travel schedules in order to reduce further interruption in fuel supply.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.