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Hall County Animal Shelter seeks injured dogs owner
Cindy Langman and Avery Niles hold a puppy at the Hall County Animal Shelter that was saved by the shelter after being hit by a car last weekend. Officials are looking for the pet’s owner to come forward and claim it. - photo by Tom Reed
Pet adoptions
What: Animals available for adoption from the Hall County Animal Shelter
When: 1-5 p.m. Dec. 6
Where: Lakeshore Mall
Cost: $65, which includes spay or neuter, shots and deworming. Additionally, fee includes combo test for cats.
Contact: Call Gwen Trimmer at 678-540-1587
Also: Volunteers needed for event

Officials at the Hall County Animal Shelter are hoping to reunite an injured dog with his family.

The small Chihuahua has been nursed back to health by the shelter’s veterinarian after being hit by a car last week.

Saturday night, Hall County Animal Control Officer Wes House found a small, fawn and white Chihuahua-mix dog that had been hit by a car on the side of Spring Road in Gainesville.

House took the seriously injured 6-month-old dog to the shelter, where shelter veterinarian Meghan Seabolt performed emergency surgery to save its life. The dog is recovering smoothly and soon will be ready to go home, she said.

When the dog was found, it was wearing a collar with a broken leash attached, but no tags could be found. So far, no owner has claimed the dog.

"He is a very strong dog, we expect him to make a full recovery. He may be slightly lame," Seabolt said.

The young dog has shown no signs of aggression and would make a great pet, she said.

"The little dog was shaking from pain and fear, but even with that he would hop to the front of the cage on his bandaged legs to lick your fingers," said Gwen Trimmer, the shelter’s adoption specialist.

Despite public service announcements and information posted online, the dog’s owner has not come forward. If the dog’s owner is not found, it will be adopted out to a new home.

If you have information about the owner, or if you are interested in giving a home to the dog, please contact the Hall County Animal Shelter at 678-450-1587. The shelter will be re-opening after the Thanksgiving holidays on Saturday.