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Hall announces new logo, slogan

“We have it all in Hall.” 

That’s the new motto of Hall County, unveiled Thursday night along with a new logo at the Board of Commissioners meeting. 

County spokeswoman Katie Crumley said the county hired Forum Communications, a Gainesville public relations and marketing firm, to design the logo after soliciting feedback from the community and public employees. 

The blue streaks in the logo are meant to conjure Lake Lanier, the pre-eminent resource and attraction in Hall County, Crumley said. 

Meanwhile, the green streaks are intended to reflect the county’s proximity to the North Georgia mountains, as well as its agricultural roots.

Finally, the sun’s rays, which resemble cogs in a wheel, are a nod to the county’s industrial and manufacturing ties, as well as representing the county as a place for growth and progress. 

The Hall County seal will remain the official emblem for authenticating documents, but the new logo will soon adorn county vehicles and letterhead, Crumley said. It also will be tied into the county’s coming website redesign. 

“From the lake to the mountains, to healthcare and education, to agriculture and economic development, the slogan ‘we have it all in Hall’ sums up the jewel that is Hall County,” Commission Chairman Richard Mecum said in a statement. “We do have it all, and we’re proud that Hall County offers such a wide array of opportunities and resources to its residents.”