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Why Oakwood is delaying action on condominiums until at least Nov. 9
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Oakwood is saying no to further condominium development — at least until Nov. 9.

There hasn’t been a rush on such projects, but city officials determined in going through city code that the language on condominiums needed clarification.

“We treat it as a zoning use, when condominiums are a type of ownership,” City Manager B.R. White told Oakwood City Council Monday night. 

The council ended up voting Sept. 13 to halt development until language in the code could be cleared up.

“Time is needed to complete the consideration of condominium development and propose revisions to the Oakwood City Code,” according to a resolution passed by the council.

Code revisions and amendments would be proposed by Nov. 9, but “additional time may be requested of and granted only by the City Council.”

The resolution also says, “The staff is specifically authorized to consult with other agencies and retain other professional assistance as needed within the discretion of the city manager and the mayor.”

City code currently defines a condo as a “a building or complex of multiple-unit dwellings in which a tenant holds full title to his unit and joint ownership in the common grounds.”

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