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What Gov. Kemp had to say at Kubota groundbreaking in northeast Hall
09302020 KUBOTA 1.jpg
Gov. Brian Kemp speaks Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, during the groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the new Kubota manufacturing plant on Whitehall Road. - photo by Jeff Gill

Gov. Brian Kemp paid a visit to North Georgia on Tuesday, Sept. 29, making a stop in northeast Hall to laud Kubota Manufacturing of America Corp.’s expansion at a groundbreaking ceremony for an $85 million engineering and design center. 

“I think it’s important in these tough times … to stop and celebrate the good things we have going on in our state, not only for our people to see but for the rest of the country and the world to see,” Kemp said to a group of government and business officials.  “It makes a difference on decision makers from an economic development perspective.” 

09302020 KUBOTA 3.jpg
Visitors to the Kubota groundbreaking ceremony attempt to stay dry Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at the site of their new manufacturing plant on Whitehall Road. - photo by Scott Rogers

Grading is well underway on Kubota’s North America engineering and design center on 280 acres at 4275 Simpson Road, off Ga. 365 in northeast Hall County. 

A news release about the project says it calls for “construction of engineering offices, workshops and testing buildings, as well as large-scale grading and development of several outdoor test courses for turf, utility vehicles, tractors and other construction and agricultural-related equipment.” 

The plant is expected to employ about 65 people, “mostly engineers and those with technical skills,” Phil Sutton, Kubota vice president, has said

“The only thing I would ask is when you get the facility finished, I would like to come up and try some Kubota vehicles and other things,” Kemp said to the crowd, drawing laughter. “And I heard you’re building this in a very friendly way to the neighbors, so I won’t be causing any disruption.” 

The plant is set to open in April 2022, according to Sutton. 

The tractor manufacturer currently employs about 3,000 people in Georgia, including in manufacturing, sales, distribution and engineering. Kubota has other facilities off Ga. 365. 

The new center, announced in 2019, is part of Gateway Village, a mixed-used development on 500-plus acres.

Jonathan Collins, president of Capstone Property Group LLC, which is developing Gateway, said Tuesday the company is currently marketing 230-plus acres to “industrial users.”