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The latest on roundabout on Hog Mountain Road in South Hall
01272022 ROUNDABOUT 3.jpg
Construction on an apartment community continues Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022, along Hog Mountain Road in Flowery Branch. Construction is also underway on the roundabout along the road. - photo by Scott Rogers

The new roundabout on Hog Mountain Road at Cash Road in South Hall is starting to take shape.

Construction started in December on the side of the road where a 334-unit apartment complex is being built. The work is set for completion in December 2022, said Katie Crumley, Hall County spokeswoman.

Like other roundabouts that have been built around Hall, the Cash Road/Hog Mountain one will allow people to turn right into a circle and then exit onto a roadway leading them to where they need to go.

The circle will have two exits on Hog Mountain Road, one on Cash Road and one that leads into the apartment complex.

Until the $872,000 roundabout is finished, motorists will have to contend with stop signs at Cash Road’s intersection with Hog Mountain. Also, another stop sign is at the construction site, so motorists need to take turns with any construction vehicles at the intersection.

On occasion, especially during busy school times, a Hall sheriff’s deputy has been at the scene.

Flowery Branch High School is off Hog Mountain Road between Cash Road and Credit Drive. Hog Mountain is a busy stretch of road between Falcon Parkway/Ga. 13 — where the Atlanta Falcons headquarters and training camp are located — and Spout Springs Road.

The apartment complex could be completed in late March, said Patrick Kassin of Woodfield Development LLC.