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Buford warehouse: A timeline of controversial 400,000-square-foot proposal in South Hall
Nearly 400,000 square feet of distribution facility space is being proposed on some 34 acres off McEver Road in South Hall.

A $50 million development involving 400,000 square feet of warehouse space has been proposed off McEver Road in South Hall. 

The proposal from CA-Ventures, a Chicago-based real estate management firm, has drawn huge opposition from residents, and, from the outset, Hall County planning staff recommended denial of the project.

The following is a timeline of the latest developments in the project as the firm approached various governments, seeking approval to move forward.

Aug. 3: Buford Board of Commissioners votes

The Buford Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the warehouse project Monday Aug. 2 after public comments and a brief board discussion that the audience found frustrating, causing people to speak out of turn and yell from the bleachers of Buford Arena. Read the full story.

July 20: Buford Planning Commission votes

The proposal is approved by the Buford Planning Commission on July 20, moving on next to the Board of Commissioners. Read the full story.

June 8: Arbitration favors Buford 

A statewide arbitration panel sided with Buford in an annexation dispute. “The existing and pending developments both north and south of this parcel are both commercial and industrial in nature, as well as high-density residential,” the panel wrote in its 9-page decision issued Monday, June 8. Read the full story.

March 9: Hall makes formal request to stop Buford plan

A formal objection from Hall County forces the Buford commission to put the brakes on the request.

Read the full story.

March 3: Developer goes to Buford

CA-Ventures seeks annexation and rezoning of the property, and the item is set to go before the Buford Planning Commission. Read the full story.

March 8: Hall votes against annexation

Hall County tries to thwart a developer’s third attempt at getting the warehouse project off the ground in South Hall. The Hall County Board of Commissioners voted Monday, March 8, to object to an annexation request of 34 acres for 396,900 square feet of warehouse space at 6533 McEver Road. Read the full story.

Dec. 17: Flowery Branch denies rezoning

The Flowery Branch City Council denies a rezoning for the project Thursday, Dec. 17, after more than a dozen community members told officials they were concerned about traffic, safety and the effects on nearby residential neighborhoods. Read the full story.

Nov. 12: Applicant withdraws request from Hall

The applicant asks Hall County officials to withdraw this request, and the Hall County Board of Commissioners votes to approve the withdrawal Thursday, Nov. 12.

Oct. 19: Hall planning commission denies application

The Hall County Planning Commission votes to deny this application Monday, Oct. 19.