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Grand jury charges husband accused of shooting wifes alleged stalker
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A Buford man faces charges after an alleged shooting last March in a South Hall cul de sac.

Geoffrey Mack, 65, is accused of aggravated assault, aggravated battery, false imprisonment and reckless conduct in alleged connection to injuries suffered by Cornelio Lazarescue on March 20. He was charged in a Feb. 11 grand jury indictment.

Lazarescue, of Gwinnett County, is accused of stalking Mack’s wife, Cheryl Mack, back to her home on Maple Valley Drive in Buford on March 20. He was charged in the same indictment as Mack.

Mack’s attorney Clinton Teston of the Weaver Law Firm said he and his client would not wish to comment based on the case’s ongoing nature.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Nicole Bailes said at the time that Cheryl Mack called Gwinnett County 911 of a man following her from a Gwinnett County park.

Bailes said the woman also called her husband before returning home.

Lazarescue has filed a lawsuit against Geoffrey Mack for damages allegedly inflicted by Mack.

In his lawsuit, Lazarescue and attorney Michael Hirsh claim the Gwinnett County man was driving down Maple Valley Drive when Geoffrey Mack walked into the road “dressed in his pajamas and armed with a handgun.”

“While (Mack) pointed his weapon at (Lazarescue), (Mack) demanded that (Lazarescue) get out of his car,” the complaint alleges.

The lawsuit goes on to claim that Geoffrey Mack hit Lazarescue in the head with the pistol and shot him in the leg and jaw, “filling (Lazarescue’s) mouth with blood and shards of bone.”

“(Mack) was kneeling over (Lazarescue), with his weapon pressed into (Mack’s) chest,” the lawsuit claims. “Law enforcement arrived before (Mack) could shoot (Lazarescue) again.”

Lazarescue spent more than a month in intensive care and needed multiple hospitalizations and procedures, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages, punitive damages and court costs.

Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges alleged.