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Tired of springing forward, falling backward? Help might be on the way
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Remembering to “spring forward” and “fall backward” might become a thing of the past under a bill moving through the Georgia legislature.

But there are hoops to jump through.

House Bill 44, co-sponsored by Rep. Timothy Barr, R-Lawrenceville, has gotten the support of the State Planning & Community Affairs Committee.

The bill, which seeks congressional approval for Georgia to be able to observe daylight saving time all year long, would first need the General Assembly’s approval.

If that happens and then Congress gives its OK, “then our state would spring forward and stay on that time,” Barr said. “Then, it would be over. You wouldn’t have to change your clock again.”

Barr, who represents North Gwinnett and a portion of South Hall, has been a big proponent of the change for several years.

“Basically, for the moms in my life — my wife included — it throws everyone’s schedule off terribly,” he said, speaking particularly of sleep patterns. “It takes weeks for the adjustments to happen twice a year. … We have a large coalition (of residents) across Georgia who want this to happen — chief among them, moms with little children.”

Georgia “is not the lone ranger here,” Barr noted. “Most of the other Southeastern states have asked to stay on daylight saving time.”

Timothy Barr 2017
State Rep. Timothy Barr, R-Lawrenceville