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Don’t park here if you’re in Oakwood. It could cost you $140
03252023 OAKWOOD 1.jpg
Oakwood will begin April 1 enforcing a city ordinance banning on-street parking. If you're caught, the ticket could cost you $140. - photo by Jeff Gill

Oakwood has a law banning on-street parking, but a steady flow of complaints has kick-started enforcement starting April 1.

City Council members have “received complaints about cars blocking streets and sidewalks in residential developments,” City Manager B.R. White said.

“This creates a public safety issue by preventing emergency vehicles from being able to serve the neighborhood. Also, parking on sidewalks has forced pedestrians out into the street to continue their travel.”

Another issue is garbage trucks have had trouble traveling down streets, “and we get calls about no garbage or recycling pick-up,” White said. “On one or two occasions, the truck hit a vehicle parked in the street as it tried to squeeze through to make its rounds.”

Also, “we have had complaints about residents not being able to turn into their driveway because of cars parked on the street.”

City ordinance says it’s “unlawful for the owner or operator of any motor vehicle or other vehicle to park the vehicle or allow the vehicle to remain parked on any public street, highway or alley.”

It’s also illegal to park any vehicle within 10 feet of a fire hydrant or driveway.

“The City Council wanted enforcement of the existing no parking ordinance,” White said.

Signs were posted earlier this year, with March serving as a “grace period” with notices being given, he said.

A ticket could cost you $140 and/or, according to signs, “towing at owner’s expense.”

“By posting the signs, the council wanted to provide the residents ample notice of beginning enforcement,” White said.