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Miller pleased with Senate committee assignments
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He may be one of the new kids on the block, but state Sen. Butch Miller said he has received prime committee assignments.

Those committees — agriculture and consumer affairs, natural resources, transportation and economic development — were four of his top six committee choices.

“The lieutenant governor’s office contacts you and asks what areas you have interest in,” Miller said about the committee appointment process.

“I gave them about six areas, and I got four of the six, so I’m pretty pleased.”

The assignments are especially important to him because they could greatly impact Hall County’s future, Miller said.

“Natural resources — that’s going to include our lake and our water issues. Agriculture and consumer affairs — that’s the biggest industry in Hall County, and I’m chiefly interested in it,” he said.

“Transportation is key to our success. We can’t have any economic development without transportation. And we can’t have transportation without economic development. It’s a kind of chicken and egg situation.”

Miller was sworn in as a senator of the 49th District in May. He is filling former Sen. Lee Hawkins’ unexpired term, which concludes at the end of this year. He will be running again during the July 20 primary elections in an effort to win a full term as a senator.

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