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Georgia first lady Sandra Deal diagnosed with breast cancer, has tumor removed
Sandra Deal
Former Georgia First Lady Sandra Deal

Georgia first lady Sandra Deal has been diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and has gone through surgery to remove a tumor discovered during her annual mammogram.

Deal, wife of Gov. Nathan Deal, is beginning chemotherapy treatments after the surgery, which was announced on Monday, as a “precautionary measure,” according to a statement from the governor’s office. The treatment will last a few weeks “to ensure complete remission.”

“Since I caught it in its early stages, I am confident that the chemotherapy will yield successful results. In light of this, I encourage all women to be proactive about their health and see a medical professional for an annual mammogram,” Deal said in the Monday announcement. “Nathan and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this time, and I look forward to continuing to read to students across the state.”

Deal and the governor’s office are encouraging Georgians to learn more about breast cancer screenings in light of Deal’s announcement.