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Gateway Domestic Violence Center launches new website, logo
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As Gateway Domestic Violence Center gears up for its 2016 appeal to donors, the local nonprofit has announced the launch of a new website and logo.

Gateway’s new logo prominently features the name of the nonprofit organization, as well as a branch with three leaves. The previous logo featured an outline of leaves on a vine inside a teal box.

“In addition to remaining recognizable, we felt the leaves were important because they represent growth and rebirth. The vine, now a branch, is a symbol of support,” said Jessica Butler, executive director of Gateway. “Growth, rebirth and support are all important pieces Gateway provides domestic violence survivors in our community.”

Gateway’s new, responsively designed website is a complete update, with user-friendly navigation and easy-to-find information about services, resources, support groups and tips for recognizing signs of domestic violence.

The site also features a secure donation tool that allows visitors to make a contribution with a few simple steps. A prominent “Safe Exit” button keeps at-risk visitors safe by quickly redirecting to Google when clicked.

Gateway’s new branding and website were created by Gainesville-based marketing agency Forum Communications.

To learn more about domestic violence and Gateway Domestic Violence Center, visit or call 770-539-9080. Gateway’s 24/7 crisis line can be reached by calling 770-536-5860.

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