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Gas spike unlikely for Georgia
Southeast unaffected by supply issues that are boosting prices in California
Samuel Akuoko fills his tank at Circle M Food Shop on Thompson Bridge Road on Tuesday afternoon.

Georgia motorists who have noticed from afar the soaring prices of gasoline in California probably don’t have to worry about a similar spike here.

Prices for unleaded regular in Gainesville ranged from $3.51 to $3.65 a gallon Tuesday on the website.

But in California, the price was a state record and the highest in the nation. The average price for regular gas in the state was a little more than $4.67 a gallon, according to the AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report. The cost increased only a fraction of a cent overnight, however — compared with nearly 50 cents in the past week.

What’s happening in California, though, is “not really going to have any effect” here, said Mark Jenkins, AAA spokesman. “They had some severe supply disruptions. We don’t deal with the same situations here.”

AAA reported average gas prices in the Southeast decreased for the third week in a row, citing a continued decrease in domestic and international demand that drove oil prices close to $90 a barrel. Also, domestic crude output rose to its highest level since December 1996.

“The good news is output is the highest since 1996, gas prices are the lowest since April, the Southeast is one of the few regions not experiencing price increases, and we can expect that to continue through October,” Jenkins said.

The longer-term outlook is also promising, he said.

“Gas prices usually drop in the winter because we’re using the cheaper winter blend and there’s less demand because not as many people are traveling,” Jenkins said.

The average price of a gallon of regular gas in Georgia was $3.587, up from $3.581 Monday but down from $3.589 a week ago, according to GasBuddy.

That represents some relief from prices a month ago, when a gallon of regular ran $3.798, but higher than the $3.233 of a year ago.

Those prices compare favorably to the national average of $3.801 on Tuesday, which was down from $3.806 Monday. The national average was $3.797 a week ago, compared to $3.818 a month ago. The national average was $3.429 a gallon a year ago.

California’s recent surge in gas prices came after a power outage at a refinery that reduced supply and corrosion issues in an important pipeline, analysts said. The refinery came back online Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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