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Gainesville's million-dollar winner will stay on the job
Michael Scenti, right, of Melbourne Beach, Fla., fixes friend Donald Grant’s tie before Grant receives a check for $1 million from a scratch-off ticket he purchased at the Circle M Food Shop on Old Cornelia Highway. Scenti drove from Florida to see his childhood friend receive the check. - photo by SARA GUEVARA

Donnie Grant is a lucky man. During a stop at a gas station, he bought a few scratch-off lottery tickets and found the $1 million ticket.

At the Circle M Food Shop on Old Cornelia Highway Monday, The Georgia Lottery Corp. presented Grant, 58, of Gainesville with the ceremonial oversized check at the store where he purchased his winning ticket.

Grant’s friends and co-workers, including childhood friend Michael Scenti who drove in from Florida, came to the store to watch him accept his prize.

"I just think it’s truly a blessing," Grant said. "I just happened to be at the right place at the right time."

Angie Shockley is the employee who sold Grant his ticket.

"It’s a $20 ticket," Shockley said. "He bought two."

Shockley said customers at her store often win small amounts from scratch off tickets, but never this much.

"That’s the first one we’ve seen," Shockley said.

The World Class Millions game costs $20 per ticket, with a $5 million first prize and $1 million second prize. The chance of winning the top prize? One in 3 million.

Grant said he bought a few tickets that day and was annoyed by his bad luck.

"I was frustrated to the point of saying if you’re in for a dime you’re in for a dollar," Grant said.

His second World Class Millions ticket ended up being the winner.

"Some days you just get the right one. There’s no rhyme or reason to it," Grant said.

This isn’t the first time Grant has gotten lucky playing the lottery. He said he’s had some success with the lottery in the past and once won $10,000 on a ticket.

Despite his new fortune, Grant plans to keep his job at PFG-Milton in Oakwood.

"I like my job and I like my customers," he said.

He said his first big purchase will be a new home.

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