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Gainesville semi-pro basketball coach charged with theft, forgery
Randolph accused of using team member's bank account
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Gainesville Heat basketball coach Joshua Brian Randolph faces charges of theft and forgery after writing a check from another man’s bank account, Oakwood Police Cpl. Danny Sridej said Wednesday.

Randolph’s attorney, Dan Parr, of Weaver Law Firm in Gainesville, said Randolph, 25, of Gainesville, is planning to turn himself into police but the charges against him are false.

“There is no theft. There (are) no stolen checks,” Parr said. “There are two accounts that were opened within a day apart that counter checks were written, and it’s just a case of writing the checks out of the wrong checking account.”

Parr said Randolph and the victim were roommates and Randolph simply picked up the wrong checkbook.

Sridej said witness statements indicate otherwise, and that the victim was a member of Randolph’s semi-professional basketball team and Randolph convinced him to open the bank account.

Randolph already faced multiple charges of deposit account fraud, Sridej said, before the latest charges. Randolph has a history of arrests in Hall County for charges including deposit account fraud, theft and impersonating a public officer, almost all of which he pleaded guilty to or was found guilty of, according to Hall County records.

Sridej said in the most recent case, Randolph wrote a $300 check for a team uniform, took the uniform and then the check bounced, resulting in the theft charge. Parr said Randolph was making deposits into the other account, which he owned and thought he was using.

Sridej said police tried to find Randolph at his McEver Road office, but it was vacant and he had not been seen there.

“Management told me that they already had to let people in to repossess his equipment and that the lock has been changed,” Sridej said.

Parr disputed that, saying Randolph was there just the night before.

“The office has not been shut down. The furniture’s not been repossessed. None of that,” he said.

Parr said the facts would come out eventually and he expected the charges would be dismissed or Randolph would be found not guilty.

Sridej said he was getting more calls Wednesday from other people who claimed Randolph had defrauded them.

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