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Gainesville protest to coincide with nationwide Tax Day Tea Parties
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Tax Day Tea Party

  • What: Rally for responsible taxation sponsored by
  • When: 4-6 p.m. Wednesday
  • Where: Poultry Park, intersection of Jesse Jewell Parkway and West Academy Street

A group of "conservative Patriots" will hold a rally Wednesday in Poultry Park to call for lower taxes and more responsible use of taxpayers’ money., a Web site founded two months ago by Gainesville resident Jeff Jones, will sponsor the event, which will mirror several Tax Day Tea Party rallies across the country.

The Tax Day Tea Party protests began earlier this year when Rick Santelli, on-air editor for CNBC, ranted against what he called the bankrupt liberal agenda of the White House and Congress, a flawed stimulus bill and a pork-filled budget, according to the Tax Day Tea Party Web site. The rant resulted in the organization of several grass-roots tea parties in communities across the country, including 19 in Georgia.

Jones, who organized the Gainesville rally, said the goal of Wednesday’s tea party is to ensure responsible government at all levels in Georgia. He said the Gainesville rally is not affiliated with any one political party.

"We want more responsible use of our taxpayers’ money and lower taxes for that matter," Jones said.

Jones said he and his friends came up with the idea for while eating at a Cumming restaurant.

After the initial discussion, Jones created the Web site, where he writes that the drums of socialism are beating in a war march toward Americans’ freedoms.

"We are being slowly taxed to death. More and more laws heaped upon our heads. More and more entitlements for those that are content to sit at the government table and eat until they can eat no more. We are in a virtual, philosophical, and spiritual war for our liberty," the Web site states.

Jones and WDUN’s Martha Zoller will speak at Wednesday’s Gainesville rally where Jones expects between 200 and 300 people to attend.

The rally will last from 4 to 6 p.m. Wednesday in Poultry Park.

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