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Gainesville Police warning of jury duty scams

With a new year comes a new crop of scammers trying to get personal information over the telephone.

Gainesville Police are warning of a scam involving someone claiming to be a law enforcement officer, sometimes called “Deputy Shoemaker,” about an outstanding warrant for missing jury duty.

The scammer claimed the potential victim needs to pay over the phone by a credit card number or the pin number from a prepaid card.

“In recent months, it’s almost like they’ve been rotating it around the different types,” Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said.

According to the department’s daily bulletin, two people were victims of a scam on Jan. 9.

An uptick of scams  around this time of year often involves scammers claiming to be part of the IRS calling about overdue tax bills. Holbrook said it is hard to explain why there is an uptick of phone scams around this time of year.

“These scammers, of course, are not affiliated with the Gainesville Police Department or any other law enforcement agency,” Gainesville Police said in a statement. “If someone calls you requesting this information, hang up and call your local law enforcement agency.”

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