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Gainesville offers rebates for energy use upgrades
Homeowners can get up to $3,000 back
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Energy Retrofit Rebate Program

Gainesville homeowners and business owners interested in making energy efficient improvements should contact the city about possible rebates up to $3,000. Call 770-531-6570 for more information.

If you’ve been thinking about making your home or office more energy efficient but haven’t because of the cost, the city of Gainesville may be able to help.

The city will be offering rebates of up to $3,000 for energy efficient upgrades as part of its Energy Retrofit Rebate Program.

“The idea is to help homeowners and business owners to improve their energy cost,” said Jessica Tullar, special projects manager.

The city was given a grant through the Georgia Environment Finance Authority to provide rebates that could pay for as much as 50 percent of the total upgrades.

Tullar said the program has an application process, and people interested in applying should speak with her before beginning any improvements. Her office can be reached at 770-531-6570.

After submitting an application, there will be an energy audit to determine current energy use. Once an owner has hired a contractor or received proper building permits, they may submit the application and the rebates will be issued.

The program will run through Jan. 31 and will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Replacing old heating and air conditioning systems, water heaters, lighting and appliances with Energy Star appliances are some of the ways people can improve their energy usage and be eligible for the rebate.

Tullar pointed out that there are several other ways to improve energy efficiency.

“Folks (in the renovation business) have told me you can do a lot to improve your energy bill by replacing insulation,” she said.

Tullar said she has already received several calls about the grant and 25 of those people are officially eligible.

Because of the interest in the program, the city has made some limitations. In the first day of the program, Tullar received five applications from two people. In an effort to help more people, applications are limited to one person.

Applicants must also live within the city limits.

Tullar said she’s excited people are taking an interest in energy efficiency and not just for the savings.

“Bigger picture is that this is something that can improve our environment,” she said.

Tullar said other companies, like Georgia Power, have similar programs that could help people save more money on energy upgrades.

“Every little step helps in terms of protecting our environment,” Tullar said.

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