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Gainesville man killed in overnight motorcycle wreck
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A 20-year-old Gainesville man was found dead Thursday morning after crashing his motorcycle at Candler Highway and Construction Drive.

Caleb Andrew Powers was traveling south on Candler Highway on his red 2007 Honda CBR 600, likely on his way home from work, where he got off at 2 a.m., according to Cpl. Tim Myer with the Georgia State Patrol.

A motorist noticed the accident scene near the train tracks while driving around a curve on Candler Road. Georgia State Patrol got the call at 11:35 a.m., Myer said.

“A person on a tractor-trailer saw either the motorcycle or the man himself and ran in here and asked if we had medical assistance,” said Spencer Walker, a manager at North Georgia Medical Transport on Construction Drive.

Two emergency medical technicians ran outside to help while another called 911, but there wasn’t anything they could do.

“It appears that he was probably headed home at the time of the crash, and that he didn’t come home at his usual time when he gets off work,” Myer said. Powers lived off Poplar Springs Road, about three miles from where he crashed.

Myer is unsure what may have caused the accident.

“There’s no indication that any other vehicle was involved. There’s no skid marks in the roadway,” he said. “I mean there’s just nothing to indicate that he did anything but drive straight out of the curve.”

Myer did say it obviously was a traffic crash, but that Powers was lying by the road for some time before he was found.

“I just can’t believe no one had seen him,” Walker said.

Cody Allison works at Cummins Power South across the street from the accident site. Allison attended Johnson High School with Powers.

Allison said Powers was loud and outspoken and had a couple of hot rods and the motorcycle.

After checking his Facebook page this morning, Allison said he knew Powers was missing.

“They’d been out trying to find him and they told everybody that knew him, if they knew where he was at just to call and let them know,” Allison said. “Because I guess they’d been trying to call him and he didn’t answer.”

Allison said he recognized the bike as it was being pulled from the ditch by the railroad tracks and loaded onto a trailer.

Powers’ Facebook page is filled with photos of his cars and motorcycle, and he listed his activities as hunting and working on cars.

In a post on March 13, he wrote “I woke up this mornin. I have a good job. A great family. Two cars that run (barely). Good friends. The weather is getting better. What else does a guy need. I gotta say I’m lovin life.”

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