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Gainesville holiday DUI arrests up a bit from last year
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Gainesville police arrested three more people suspected for driving under the influence over the New Year’s holiday compared to last year, according to the jail reports and police data.

Six DUI arrests were made between Wednesday and Thursday, according to the Hall County Jail reports, twice that of last year’s three arrests.

In terms of policing strategy, Gainesville police spokesman Cpl. Joe Britte said no changes were made in policing strategies for the midweek holiday.

“We just normally do our accelerated patrols and just be vigilant in the areas, just watching out for different indicators of possible DUIs,” he said.

A common accompanying charge for those arrested Wednesday and Thursday included failure to maintain lane or issues with headlights and taillights. Despite the higher number of arrests compared to last year, Britte and Cpl. Kevin Holbrook reported a calm night.

In addition to the Gainesville arrests, jail reports indicate two DUI arrests for the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, one for Oakwood Police and one for Georgia State Patrol. Ages of suspected offenders ranged from 21 to 50.

“There’s no specific location where we target. We just basically random patrol throughout the city,” Britte said.

Britte said he has not heard of any fatalities related to any driving incidents, praising residents for using the buddy system to get home safely. Because of the size of the city, no focus points are implemented, Britte said.

“In this day and age, it could come from any location,” Britte said.

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