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Gainesville departments ask for taxpayer help with budgets
John Gibbs chips onto the No. 8 green Wednesday morning at the Chattahoochee Golf Course during the Chattahoochee Men’s Golf Association scramble. The golf course and the Parks and Recreation Department presented their budget requests to the City Council on Wednesday morning.

In Wednesday’s budget meetings, the Gainesville City Council heard from departments that don’t totally rely on city funding.

Still, those departments have requested some money from the city’s slimmer-than-usual general fund.

Here’s a look at what those departments want and why they say they need it:

Chattahoochee Golf Course

How it runs: revenue from greens fees, cart rentals, range fees, handicap fees and grill rent

What it wants from the general fund: The golf course has asked for an $80,000 transfer from the general fund to support its $1.31 million budget in case the golf course’s revenue does not improve in the next year.

Community Service Center

How it runs: state and federal funding, revenue from services, funds from the Hall County government and the city government and contributions

What it wants from the general fund: The Community Service Center has requested $584,955 from the city’s general fund. Most of the increase will help fund the expansion of Hall Area Transit and the Center for Family Prosperity if grant funding is not possible.

Parks and Recreation Department

How it runs: 0.75 mills of property tax and charges for services

What it wants from the general fund: The department has asked for $100,386 from the general fund to help with the costs of operating the department’s new facilities, maintenance of sidewalks, trails and playgrounds, renovations to the Gainesville Civic Center and an assessment of existing parks for needed improvements.

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