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Gainesville City Schools won't make up snow days
Testing schedule pushed back three days
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Gainesville City Schools will not ask its students to stay late this year to make up for lost school days.

The district lost six student days and seven teacher days due to inclement weather last month. It is not required to make up the lost time due to a state of emergency being declared in Hall County.

Superintendent Wanda Creel said the time was not entirely lost, thanks to the work done by teachers from home and in their spare time.

“During that time, we happened to have a professional learning day on Feb. 16,” Creel said. “Our teachers had multiple resources they were able to utilize online. But we also were able to get messages to our principals and other staff about beginning the process and planning for online learning.”

Creel said teachers were able to use their Google Classrooms and other resources for online learning through a portion of the bad weather, when they were not affected by power outages.

More than 65 percent of Gainesville City Schools’ teachers were able to engage with their students in methods of online learning.

“Therefore, at this particular time, we are utilizing the opportunity that our students have for online learning opportunities and other resources to stay connected with their instruction,” Creel said.

Creel added she did not feel it would be right to infringe upon the plans families and teachers might have over spring break. The district has also adjusted the testing calendar, pushing all testing back three days, giving students more time for instruction and preparation before tests.

“We will not make up any additional days for our students,” Creel said. “We look forward to making sure all our teachers are working with our students to make sure they have the information they need to be successful.”