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Gainesville City Schools develops infectious disease plan
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Gainesville City Schools is creating a plan in the event a student or employee contracts an infectious disease, such as Ebola.

The Board of Education discussed the plan Monday at its work session.

Superintendent Dr. Wanda Creel said the district looked to the Department of Public Health for guidance on the subject.

“We were recently asked about our plan, so one of the things that we felt like was critical was that we look at that public health information, and we have used that as the basis for our plan,” Creel said.

The plan will apply not only to the possible contraction of Ebola, but any infectious disease.

The policy gives the superintendent authorization “to remove the infected student or employee from school or employment until the individual’s medical condition no longer poses a threat, or during which time the board shall make a decision as to whether the student or employee can be accommodated and does not pose a significant risk to others.”

The first reading of the plan occurred at the work session. The exact language can be edited before a second reading next month, after which the board will be able to vote to put the plan into action.

School board member Sammy Smith expressed his approval for the policy, calling it “really well done.”

The decision on the part of Gainesville City Schools to create an emergency plan follows Hall County Schools’ announcement last week of a plan to keep its schools’ staff up to date on guidelines from the Department of Public Health.

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