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Fundraiser set for local 10-year-old cancer patient
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Jessica Cameron

Jessica Cameron Benefit Fundraiser
When: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 4
Where: Lula Depot, 6055 Main Street, Lula
Contact: Beth Blake 678-897-1389 or Nancy Black 678-617-1563

Sandy Taylor said she’s just taking things one day at a time since her oldest daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May.

“I have my ups and downs,” Taylor said, “When we first found out about this it was a shock. We kind of just have to suck it up for this moment and go day by day.”

After 10-year-old Jessica Cameron had surgery to remove the tumor, Taylor said she and her husband, Matt, didn’t like to mention the word “cancer” around their daughter.

Taylor said it was four days before she told her.

“(Jessica) was like ‘I don’t have cancer.’ And I was like ‘Honey, you do have cancer.’ It’s not something that a mother wants to tell her child,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the hardest part was explaining that she was going to lose her long hair.

But to Taylor’s shock, Jessica was OK with it.

In fact, Taylor said, Jessica is “super, super good.”

“It makes it a lot easier for us to deal with ... because she’s doing so well,” Taylor said.

The tremendous show of support from family and friends helps, too. She said she’s blessed to have so many people willing to watch her daughters while she attends school and her husband works overtime to make ends meet and pay medical bills.

Each of Jessica’s chemotherapy treatments requires her to stay at Scottish Rite of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for a week at a time to receive daily treatments.

“She was set to have four treatments and she’s had three, so one more to go,” Taylor said sighing.

Beth Blake, whose daughter is a classmate and friend of Jessica’s, has helped to organize several fundraisers to help the Taylor family.

“I just couldn’t get her off my mind, I just thought about it all the time,” Blake said.

So she and several others started organizing different events including a softball tournament, a carnival and two separate fundraisers at area restaurants. She said the goal is to raise $5,000 through the events.

The carnival will be at the Lula Depot from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 4 with bouncy houses, raffles, great prizes, a dunking booth and lots of food.  All proceeds will go toward Jessica’s medical expenses.

Blake said the show of support has been overwhelming, people calling often and asking for ways to contribute.

“Times are hard for everybody, with the way the economy is, but it’s awesome that people would still come together and help,” Blake said.

Taylor said the help they’ve received from the community is unbelievable. Jessica has received more than 500 get-well cards. Strangers frequently stop Jessica to pray with her, tell her how strong she is and that she’ll beat the disease.

“It’s still an unreal thing of how great of a community we live in, that they’re willing to reach out to a perfect stranger to make sure we’re OK,” Taylor said.

Jessica said she’s ready to finish her treatments and eager to start the fifth grade at Banks County Elementary School this fall.

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