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Fresh styles available for less than $10
Fashion Ten Below shop opens Monday on Gainesville square
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Makayla Phillips and her father Ken Phillips are seen Saturday at their store, Fashion Ten Below in downtown Gainesville. The Phillips family also owns stores in Jefferson and Newnan. - photo by Erin O. Smith

Fashion Ten Below, a women’s fashion and accessories store, is opening a new location in the downtown Gainesville square this week.

“We are opening, if we are ready or not,” owner Ken Phillips said.

The store is set to open its doors 10 a.m. Monday on Washington Street. Regular hours will be open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Phillips decided to open a store in Gainesville because he knew he had a market here.

“People are always posting on our Facebook page, ‘Come to Gainesville,’” Phillips said. “We love Gainesville.”

Phillips said he also likes the main street locale and the busy pace of the downtown square.

Fashion Ten Below’s current customers know the store’s motto all too well: “When they’re here, they’re here. When it’s gone, it’s gone.”

That’s because Phillips has designed the other store in Jefferson that way in order to bring the newer items in more quickly, and it works.

The Newnan man gets the clothes from five or six overstock factories, which send in new shipments of clothes frequently, and about 20 or so vendors.

“We have new stuff out every day,” Phillips said.

With new items coming in on a daily basis, the old items have to be sold to make room for the new, which is why everything is priced below $10.

“We’re like a mom-and-pop Ross,” Phillips said.

The store itself is modeled after an existing location with the same name in Jefferson, where Phillips also sells clothing for $10 and below.

But the new store also has a wall of colorful hair bows that can also be seen at the other stores.

Kendra’s, a store the family owns in Newnan, has made a name for itself as a destination location because of the hair bow wall.

There are about 10,000 hair bows decorating the walls of the store, according to Phillips, and they sell for $2.

“Girls love hair bows, moms love hair bows,” Phillips said.  “And with these, it’s no big deal if they get lost because they’re so cheap.”

The rainbow wall of hair bows have become a staple of the family’s stores.

“They’re our signature now,” Phillips said.

The store also sells jewelry, the Simply Southern brand, and anything fashion related.

“Simply Southern is really hot right now,” Phillips said.

When it came to finding someone to run the three locations, Phillips kept it in the family.

His daughter, Makayla Phillips, was hired to work at Kendra’s when she was 16 years old. The 19-year-old now manages the Jefferson and Gainesville locations, and helps with merchandising.

“Being there from the beginning, I know the business backward and forward,” Makayla said.

For now, she will split her time between the two Fashion Ten Below stores.

“I’ll tell (Phillips) if something is ugly,” Makayla said. “I’ve had a bit more involvement to say if stuff should be sent to Jefferson or Gainesville.”

They have hired three employees for now, but they’re looking for a few more part-time and full-time workers to join their staff.

The Phillips family also run a few furniture stores, but they’re trying to move into exclusively women’s fashion stores.

“Trying to expand is hard when you’re a family business, you only have so much man power,” Phillips said.