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Forsyth restaurants cited over underage alcohol sales
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The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office has cited four restaurants for selling alcoholic drinks to underage customers.

According to a sheriff’s report, 10 eateries were checked March 21. Those that were charged served an alcoholic beverage to a person younger than 21 without asking for proof of age.

Once the drink was served, a plain-clothes deputy who witnessed the incident issued a citation.

Sheriff Ted Paxton said underage alcohol sales is "a very serious matter to us."

"We are going to continue our enforcement efforts to make sure that every business selling alcoholic beverages in Forsyth County is in compliance."

Sheriff’s Capt. Frank Huggins said some establishments are chosen at random, while others are checked after complaints.

"We try to make sure every business is in compliance, but if we receive complaints on a business then we’ll certainly check that," he said. "We randomly check stores and restaurants just to make sure they’re in compliance."

He said employees who serve alcoholic drinks must have a permit to do so, as well as the business owner.

The alcohol license holder for each business will have to appear in an administrative hearing before the Forsyth County commission, the report said.

In addition, employees who served the drinks must appear in Magistrate Court.