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Forsyth arson suspect found in Commerce hospital
Pamela Graf was located today at a Commerce hospital
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CUMMING - An arson suspect sought for more than a week after she apparently skipped town was hospitalized today in Commerce for a possible drug overdose, authorities said.

Pamela Morrow Graf, 47, is currently being treated at Banks-Jackson-Commerce Medical Center for what authorities say is a possible drug overdose.

Graf will eventually be brought back to Forsyth County, said Robert J. Tavenier, Forsyth's director of pretrial services.

Tavenier said he did not know if someone took Graf to the hospital or if she arrived in an ambulance.

"Our sheriff's office was notified by Jackson County that Ms. Graf was at their medical center and my initial report was a possible overdose," he said. "I don't know on what type of substance and I don't know her condition."

He said Forsyth County Sheriff's deputies are headed to Commerce and will bring her back once she is released from the Commerce hospital.

"It may be a situation where they can transport her back to (Northside Hospital-Forsyth) so we can then at least be local," he said. "At this point we're pretty concerned about her well being ... we're glad she's in custody at this point so she can't do any further harm to the community or herself."

Tavanier said Graf was expected to appear March 31 in court in Twiggs County on drug charges she faces there, but she never made it.

He said authorities found Graf's ankle monitor on the side of a Twiggs County road after she apparently cut the rubber strap to remove it.

As a result, Forsyth County authorities issued a warrant for her arrest.

Graf was released from the Forsyth County Jail on March 24 after she posted bond on a charge of driving under the influence of drugs.

The arrest came while she was out on bond for previous charges of arson, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of Schedule 3 and Schedule 4 narcotics.

As a condition of her release on the drug and arson charges, Graf was required to wear an ankle monitor.

The arson charge stems from a suspicious fire Jan. 18 that destroyed Graf's home on Lanier Drive in northeastern Forsyth.
After her most recent arrest, the Forsyth County District Attorney's office announced its intention to have Graf's bond revoked.

After Graf disappeared, Tavanier said she could face an additional charge of tampering with a monitoring device, which is a felony.

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