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Former Hall elections director wins big on 'Price is Right'
Charlotte Sosebee
A photo submitted to The Times shows Charlotte Sosebee during a rehearsal for "The Price is Right." She made it on stage on the episode that aired Sept. 22.

Charlotte Sosebee was all smiles as she made her way down to contestant’s row on “The Price is Right” Friday morning. By the end of the show, she had much more to smile about.

Sosebee, who previously served as Hall County’s elections director, won $35,000 and other prizes Friday when spinning the wheel on “The Price is Right.” 

Sosebee, who has recorded the show for years to watch after work, spun the wheel and landed on the dollar, earning her $10,000. A few minutes later, she did it again for $25,000.

“One thing about elections: you don’t know who’s winning. That’s a good thing, because that would be hard to hold,” Sosebee said, referring to keeping the outcome a secret since taping about a month ago. “But it’s been so hard for me to hold that and particularly with my family, because they knew I had gone.”

Sosebee earned her way onto the stage after correctly bidding on some Adirondack chairs and a pair of e-readers. 

In her game of “Double Prices,” she correctly guessed the price of a barbecue island and a hot tub at $12,023.

At the wheel, she and her two fellow contestants all reached a dollar, leading to a $10,000 prize. She and contestant Wilbert hit the dollar again for the extra $25,000 per person.

She made it to the Showcase Showdown, but her bid was less precise than her opponent’s.

During the commercial break, Sosebee said she felt she had underbid, recalling some Jeep pricing from months prior.

While in the preliminary stages of the show, Sosebee said she knew “right off the bat” that her fellow $35,000 winner, Wilbert, would be called as a contestant, based on her knowledge of the show.

“He had so much energy in line, and he was like our cheerleader,” she said.

Now the Athens-Clarke County elections director, Sosebee joined co-workers and friends at a local Mexican restaurant, Fuzzy’s, to watch the episode.

She said she also planned to have a family viewing at her parents’ home in Gainesville Friday evening.

“I do have some bills I need to take care of, and of course you have to pay taxes on all that stuff,” she said.

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