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Flowery Branch may require all servers to take alcohol training
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All servers in Flowery Branch restaurants will likely be required to complete alcohol service training prior to receiving a server’s permit.

During Thursday’s Flowery Branch City Council meeting, the City Council voted unanimously to pass the first reading of Ordinance 470, amending the current regulations for servers. Currently, 75 percent of restaurant servers are required to be “alcohol awareness servers” and that certification must be renewed every year.

The same 75 percent could, in theory, be certified every year, leaving one-quarter of the servers without the training.

“That gets kind of burdensome because someone has to pay for that every year and it’s either on the server or the restaurant,” said Marja Burney, city clerk. “What we’re trying to do is have it be 100 percent of the servers.”

The new ordinance would require all servers to take “ServSafe” training, an online class that certifies employees to serve alcohol, including providing training on when to cut a patron off.

The class would have to be completed before servers can get their serving permits.

Burney said the class was endorsed by the Georgia Restaurant Association, which recommends that the certification be good for three years.

“They got the ability to go to three years (of certification instead of) a year and we said: ‘OK, well lets make sure it’s 100 percent of your servers instead of 75 percent,’” said Joseph Anglin, councilman. “It’s a nice compromise.”

Flowery Branch has more than 10 restaurants that hold liquor licenses.

The class costs around $30.

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