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Flowery Branch looking at stormwater issues
Resident says issue has caused flooding of houses
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Flowery Branch City Council is discussing an issue regarding a local resident complaining about stormwater pooling on his property.

Bryan Puckette, who lives on Atlanta Highway in Flowery Branch’s historic district, said flooding has been an ongoing issue.

“This stormwater damage problem has been ongoing for a long time,” Puckette said. “They’ve ignored it and we’ve suffered substantial damage to three houses from flooding.”

“This is a bad situation and it needs to be straightened out,” he added.

City council members discussed approving a study to determine where the water was coming from and ultimately who is responsible for a solution, but ended up tabling the issue until a future meeting.

It is possible a long-term fix can come from work to be done on the city’s new City Hall location.

“If we can come up with a temporary measure, low-cost option to tie … into the current pipe that is there, our public works department will do that,” Mayor Mike Miller said following the council’s Thursday meeting. “We’re going to look at the option of expanding the City Hall stormwater study into including that area, so expanding the scope of that study.”

In other business, the council also tabled voting on a new ordinance that would extend term limits for members of the Historic Preservation Commission.

“There’s been quite a bit of interest from some citizens on serving on this committee, which we haven’t really heard in the past,” City Manager Bill Andrew said.

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