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Flowery Branch family writes, illustrates childrens book
Sisters project follows big dreams, will help fund Puerto Rico trip
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Flowery Branch High School students and sisters, Savannah and Bella Lunt wrote and illustrated a 32-page children’s book titled “When I Fall Asleep.” The book, which started out as a project being produced by their mother for a college assignment, turned into a fundraiser project for the sisters. - photo by Erin O. Smith

When the Lunt girls fall asleep, they dream of being heroes and princesses — or artists and authors.

Flowery Branch High School students and sisters Savannah Lunt, 14, and Bella Lunt, 16, have been writing and drawing nearly their entire lives. The sisters are now co-creators of a children’s book “When I Fall Asleep,” which tells the story of Benny, a little boy with big dreams.

The book was a project assigned to Savannah and Bella’s mother, Diana Lunt, a student at Savannah College of Art and Design.

“Every project I was assigned, I asked myself, ‘What can I actually do with this, instead of just doing it and never seeing it again?’” Diana Lunt said.

Diana Lunt said she had to create the typography for a 32-page book or booklet, and thought of incorporating her daughters’ talents into the project.

“She came to me with this idea, and with her school stuff, we’ve always been the focuses of these projects,” Savannah said. “So she came to me and asked if I had a poem that might work. I had a few I’d written that I had in mind, and she said, ‘OK, let’s make this one longer.’”

Originally, the poem was inspired by Savannah’s own dreams, and it became a story of the many places people can go when they dream big.

It was only natural, Diana said, to have her other artistically talented daughter then illustrate the story.

“It’s about if you’re having an adventure, or a scary dream or a sad dream,” Savannah said. “Then, when Bella illustrated it, she added the more personal effect of having a boy named Benny in it, who actually experiences these things.”

Bella said she’s loved drawing since she was very young.

“In fact, when she was little, she would color on the TV screen because she thought she could color the characters on the screen,” Diana Lunt said.

Bella said as she read her sister’s story, she pictured the images in her head.

In one scene, Benny wields a sword and fights a fire-breathing dragon guarding a princess.

“We had to have meetings and go through, ‘OK, I think we should have this part on one page, and use this picture for that,’” Bella said. “So it was about talking things through, and it was really a collaborative effort.”

Lunt, who has her own design company and was first a student at SCAD 15 years ago, has years of print and publishing experience. So when the book “When I Fall Asleep” was complete, she decided they could print it and put it to good use.

Savannah, who attended World Language Academy last year, is passionate about learning Spanish and is saving for a class trip to Puerto Rico at the end of the year. The book sales will help her pay her way to Puerto Rico.

“I grew up with a single mom, so anything I ever needed growing up, I had to work for,” Diana Lunt said. “It was really important for my husband and me to teach our kids, if you want something, you have to work for it.”

The girls also sell homemade cookie cakes to raise money.

The Lunts sold 100 copies of the book in just one week. Now, the book is available online, and Savannah is writing a Spanish-translated version that will soon be for sale.

Proceeds exceeding the trip to Puerto Rico will go to charity, the Lunts said. And they are working with Children’s Miracle Network, to have a portion of each sale donated to the organization.

“We definitely see it as some way to give back,” Savannah said.