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Flowery Branch City Council race pits candidates from new, old sections of town
Christine Worl, left, and Leslie Jarchow

Flowery Branch’s Post 3 race pits a relatively new resident in a burgeoning section of town against a resident with deeper roots in a part of town going through rebirth.

For Leslie Jarchow, a Sterling on the Lake resident who has lived in the city three years, she wants the city to “stay a place where families want to live.” And that includes her own family, as her daughter goes to Spout Springs Elementary School.

“It’s a wonderful, unique city and I want to keep it that way,” said the 35-year-old businesswoman, who has made a career in real estate and mortgage lending.

Christine Worl has been in Flowery Branch since 2000 and lives in the city’s older section, or Old Town.

“My major reasons for running are I’m concerned about the way things are being clear-cut — we’re losing trees (to growth) — and the council (mostly) lives in Sterling,” she said.

“(Sterling is) a lovely place, but I don’t think it’s appropriate that one subdivision represents all of Flowery Branch.”

The two women, both political newcomers, are running in a Nov. 6 special election to fill a seat the Post 3 seat held by Fred Richards, who died June 14.

Richards was first elected to the council in April 2012 in a special election. He was elected to his first full term in November 2013 and was re-elected in 2017, beginning what would have been a new four-year term on Jan. 1.

The new Post 3 council member will serve the balance of Richards’ term, or until Dec. 31, 2021.

Profiles of the two candidates are on the Flowery Branch’s website.

Jarchow, a Hall County native with a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Georgia, says on the site that she believes her business background “give(s) her the kind of qualifying edge needed to make educated decisions on resolution opportunities put before the council.”

She served as a member of Junior League of Hall County for seven years and has served on the Hall County Library Board for the past three years. 

Jarchow said she doesn’t have any particular burning issues going into the election.

“Mostly, I just want to be involved,” she said. “I’m service-oriented and just want to continue that.”

Worl is a Michigan native who graduated from Western Michigan in 1972. Her education career spans 40-plus years. She is an elder at Good Shepherd Lutheran church.

She said she has been especially concerned about recent developments in Old Town, including approvals this year of new neighborhoods, where grading has already started. Another issue is the possible closing of the Chattahoochee Street railroad crossing.

“People are making decisions that don’t impact their own lives,” Worl said, referring to Sterling’s representation on the council.

10132018 FLOWERYleslie_jarchow.jpg
Leslie Jarchow

Name: Leslie Jarchow

Age: 35

Residence: Flowery Branch

Experience: A political newcomer, she has career experience in real estate and mortgage lending.

More info:

Growth, development

“I think it’s a positive thing, but you want it to be strategic and making sure the city is able to handle it in terms of infrastructure. I’d like to see growth that expands on what’s already beautiful about Flowery Branch.”

Traffic, roads

“We need to do what’s necessary for the streets, and I’ll take the advice of the experts on that. If they need to be expanded or widened, I obviously want to look into that. I’ll take the studies very seriously and use that to make decisions.”

Water, sewer, stormwater

“It’s important to do what is necessary to sustain the city and support the growth that’s already taking place. I’m certainly no water expert, so I’ll depend on the city and the experts to guide me on those decisions.”


She has done some research here with city officials. “I’m certainly not here to raise taxes. I think (the city is) doing a good job with the budget, and I’ll support good decisions on that.”

10132018 FLOWERYchris_worl.jpg
Chris Worl

Name: Christine Worl

Age: 68

Residence: Flowery Branch

Experience: A political newcomer, she is a retired teacher who continues to serve as a substitute teacher.

More info:

Growth, development

“I’m not anti-development, but I think it needs to be done strategically and we need to take infrastructure into consideration. They want to put 300 homes on the property behind my house and they want to close the (Chattahoochee Street) railroad crossing that should be the exit (for the development).”

Traffic, roads

“I’m all for improving the streets. I’d always like see new sidewalks.” She doesn’t favor a trail through town that would largely benefit personal transportation vehicles, or golf carts, “which only benefit a very small part of the population.”

Water, sewer, stormwater

She is particularly concerned about drinking water quality, and that money could be better spent on infrastructure needed to support developments.


“I feel that’s something I need to do more research on, if elected. I don’t have a good handle on that yet. I don’t feel like (the city is) mismanaging money.”