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Father pleads guilty in child cruelty case
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A Hoschton man pleaded guilty to seven charges of cruelty to children in the first degree Tuesday morning in a Hall County courtroom.

Charges against Shannon Pavey included:

  • Discharging a stun gun on his then 11-year-old son multiple times on his legs and thighs.
  • Holding his son and 8-year-old daughter by the ankles and dangling them over the railing of a second-floor balcony.
  • Holding his daughter over a loaded washing machine.
  • Placing his son in a choke hold and covering the boy’s mouth and nose with his hand.

Pavey was sentenced to seven years probation and three years house arrest. He also agreed to waive his parental rights and pay restitution for the children’s counseling.

He was arrested and released on bond in December 2011.

Pavey’s ex-wife, Heather Foster, tearfully read a statement in court detailing her experience with Pavey.

She recalled a night in July 2005, when she said Pavey held her at gun point. She explained to the court that her children are currently being treated for psychological effects of the abuse.

Foster said Pavey’s decision to waive his parental rights was a gift to his children and she hopes he sees his sentence as a gift as well.

District Attorney Lee Darragh wrote in an e-mail that given the evidence in the case, and the significant conditions imposed by the agreement, including the termination of parental rights and the fact the children were spared having to testify and the full agreement of the children’s family, “the negotiated sentence imposed by Judge Fuller was perfectly appropriate.”

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