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Family continues search for missing son
Thomas Funk went missing in October
Thomas Funk Jr
Thomas Funk Jr.

It's been two months since Marsha Funk has seen her son.

When Thomas Funk Jr., 47, failed to call his father on Oct. 1, the family became concerned. A day rarely went by that their son didn't call. The family has been searching for him ever since.

"Tommy called his dad religiously every day," Marsha Funk said. "Not a day goes by that he doesn't call Dad and if he can't get Dad he calls Mom."

But the family wasn't alone in their concerns. Thomas Funk's roommate awoke the morning of Oct. 1 and suspected something could be wrong when he noticed Funk's pickup truck and cell phone were still at their Oconee Circle home.

"Something wasn't right because he never goes anywhere without his cell phone," Marsha Funk said. "It was just out of character for him to not call, and now it's been 60 days."

The family has no idea where their son could be.

Just the day prior to his disappearance, Thomas Funk spent a few hours at his parents' Cumming home. Everything seemed normal; the father and son spent the day together.

Marsha Funk said her son was supposed to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that same night.

Thomas Funk previously had problems using drugs and alcohol but had been sober for about three years, his mother said.

"He actually worked in the (rehabilitation) clinic after he graduated," Marsha Funk said. "He was there for 12 months and he stayed on for over a year and worked with the staff."

It's unclear if he actually made it to the meeting that night, though. No one at the meeting remembered him being present, but Thomas Funk's roommate said the man did attend the meeting and came home later that night and mentioned he was going to bed.

That leaves many questions in Marsha Funk's mind.

"Did he leave to go to the (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting and not get there? Did somebody pick him up to go, too? There's just all those questions," she said.

When Marsha Funk arrived home Oct. 2 after being out of town for a few days, her husband told her Thomas Funk had not called and wasn't answering his phone. But family waited to notify police until the next day.

The Hall County Sheriff's Office sent K-9 units to Thomas Funk's home, but were unsuccessful in locating any signs of his whereabouts.

Initially, the family began calling local hospitals, but there were still no signs.

Marsha Funk also began to think her son may have walked to a nearby store that night but never made it home.

After several days concerns grew. The family also began to wonder Thomas Funk's past drug problems may have resurfaced and could be a factor is his disappearance.

"There's always concern when you're a recovering addict. There's always that possibility," Marsha Funk said.

The family just wants closure.

"I wish I knew the answer," Marsha Funk said. "It's like he just vanished.

"I hope that he comes home, but if he's not able to come home I just want to know. I just want to get some type of closure."

The sheriff's office has continued to search for leads in the case, but have been unable to come up with anything, Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks said.

The family is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to Thomas Funk's location, and anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the Hall County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division at 770-531-6879.


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