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Ex-Hall County jailer files suit against sheriffs office, claims discrimination
Moses fired Nov. 4, 2013, over shooting requalifications, training, officials say
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A former Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputy has filed an employment discrimination complaint against the agency and Sheriff Gerald Couch, claiming he faced discrimination due to his race.

Eugene Alexander Moses was terminated from the sheriff’s office Nov. 4, 2013. He claims in his suit, which was allowed to go forward Monday, that he faced reduction in wages, harassment and termination because he is an African-American.

The suit revolves around shooting requalifications and training. Moses claims he had difficulty scheduling times to practice at the Hall County range and completed the requalifications at another sheriff’s office. The training from an outside agency, the sheriff’s office said in a statement, led to his termination.

Moses alleges that a retired white deputy was able to complete the yearly training in another county “without any ramifications or repercussions.”

The sheriff’s office claims Moses misrepresented himself to the outside agency as an officer between jobs. Spokeswoman Deputy Nicole Bailes wrote in a statement that deputies are not allowed to use “non-departmentally approved firearms training and must qualify with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.”

“We certainly do not want an unqualified officer with substandard firearms skills, who is unable to follow orders, and intentionally circumvents policy to be on the streets protecting our citizens,” Couch said in a statement. “Any officer who has a training issue must follow the same set of rules and cannot be allowed to deviate.”

Moses claims he received a reduction of hours two months before his termination.

The complaint is being brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Moses is seeking $34,000 in back pay, $578,000 in compensatory front pay and $102,000 in punitive damages.

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