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Ex-CIA agent weighs in on Cuban relations to group at UNG
Col. Felix Rodrigez spoke at university's Gainesville campus Monday
Longtime CIA agent and military Col. Felix Rodriguez, visits the University of North Georgia's Gainesville campus Monday morning to speak about his career in the CIA. Rodriguez spoke at length on the 1967 capture of communist guerrilla leader Ernesto “Che” Guevara in Bolivia. The event was sponsored by the college’s Politically Incorrect Club.
As a former CIA agent, military veteran and native Cuban, Col. Felix Rodriguez has an impassioned opinion of U.S. relations with Cuba. Rodriguez was in Panama on Saturday as U.S. President Barack Obama met with Cuban President Raul Castro at the Americas Summit in the Central American country, marking the first meeting of the leaders of both nations in more than 50 years. Rodriguez discussed his opinions on the event with an auditorium full of students Monday at the University of North Georgia Gainesville campus.