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Enrollment up slightly in Gainesville schools
Gainesville School Board Office

Enrollment in the Gainesville City School System has increased slightly over last year, according numbers provided to school board members at the board’s meeting Monday night.

Gainesville Superintendent Jeremy Williams presented numbers showing an overall increase of 48 students on Sept. 14, compared to the same date a year ago.

Most of the increase — 42 students — was at Gainesville High, where enrollment has topped the 2,100-student mark this year, going from 2,086 students last year to 2,128 high school students this fall.

“You typically see at the high school level as we do a better job of keeping kids in school, those numbers continue to rise,” Williams said of the increased enrollment at the high school. “When you look at 600 students across a grade level on average, we should be at about 2,400, but you do lose some due to transfers and dropouts. We had a pretty large number that went up from eighth grade to ninth grade, and with the high school doing a better job of trying to keep kids in school, I think we’re doing a better job of making sure they’re counted.”

With the opening of Mundy Mill Academy, Gainesville now has six elementary schools instead of five. But the enrollment in all elementary schools only increased by four students — from 4,129 elementary students a year ago to 4,133 students this year. Williams said Mundy Mill has helped bring down higher enrollments at other elementary schools.

“When it comes to the elementary schools, we’d like to see more consistent numbers across the schools rather than having a 900 number in there with a 450,” Williams said.

New Holland Knowledge Academy has 964 students, while Fair Street and Mundy Mill both have 471 and 438 students, respectively.

Pre-K enrollment decreased by eight students from from 241 a year ago to 233 this year. Williams said the pre-K numbers were included in the total numbers for elementary schools. Only New Holland and Mundy Mill have pre-K students.

Gainesville Middle School had a reported increase of two students from 1,723 last year to 1,725 this year.

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