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It all added up for these elementary students Saturday at Math Mania
03032019 MANIA 003.JPG
Fifth graders work math problems during Math Mania at Mount Vernon Elementary School on Saturday, Mar. 2, 2019. - photo by Austin Steele

The cafeteria at Chestnut Mountain Creative School of Inquiry was packed with students on Saturday, but the room was silent as students worked math problems on individual white boards, counting on fingers and wearing looks of intense concentration.

They had only one minute to answer each question, and then as the correct answer was announced, the room would fill with cheers and groans as students learned if they had gotten it right.

Hall County Schools’ annual Math Mania competition recruits first- through fifth-graders for the timed math competition. Students from eight of Hall’s elementary schools were at Chestnut Mountain in South Hall, while students from seven of Hall’s northern elementary schools competed at Mount Vernon Exploratory School.

Students got five tickets in each session, and with each question they answered incorrectly, a teacher would take one ticket away. When they had no tickets left, they were released in groups and greeted with cheers from family and teachers.

Kori Trinkwalkder, a fifth-grade teacher at Friendship Elementary, said the event was so popular that the team ran out of spots. Students worked hard to prepare and were anticipating seeing their work pay off, she said.

“Some of the kids have done it before, so they’re familiar with it, but the new ones who have never done it, I can tell they’re a little nervous,” she said.

And Lyndsey Smith, a fourth-grade teacher at Friendship, said she could sense her students’ excitement.

“They’re energized, and they’re ready for it,” Smith said.

For Adam Sanders, a fifth grader at Chestnut Mountain, Saturday was not his first time at Math Mania. He competed last year, and he said he enjoys math and getting to practice it.

“It’s just really fun to learn about, and I love spending time to work on it,” he said.

Joshua Mejia, a fifth grader at Chicopee Woods Elementary, was competing for the third time. He said he likes taking on the challenge of a difficult math problem. He took first place in his grade level Saturday.

“It’s challenging and hard for me. … It’s my favorite subject,” he said.

Math Mania winners

North Grade Level Winners

1st grade

  1. Zach Garrison, Mount Vernon
  2. Jynikka Robinson, Sardis
  3. Rocco Delnoce, Mount Vernon

2nd grade

  1. Hudson Webb, Mount Vernon
  2. Adria King, Mount Vernon
  3. Turner Clark, Sardis

3rd grade

  1. Louis Carey, Mount Vernon
  2. Gage McKinnon, Sardis
  3. Ethan Thome, Sardis

4th grade

  1. Andrew Boyd, Mount Vernon
  2. Spencer Perry, Mount Vernon
  3. Cole Cable, Lanier and James Floyd, Mount Vernon (tie)

5th grade

  1. Aidan Voyles, Mount Vernon
  2. CJ Fair, Lula
  3. Blake Migalla, Sardis

South Grade Level Winners

1st grade

  1. Ansley Moore, Spout Springs
  2. Roman Nicolich, World Language Academy
  3. Everett Haney, Spout Springs

2nd grade

  1. Jackson Chambers, Chestnut Mountain
  2. Lilly Kelly, Martin
  3. Jason Frydrch, Spout Springs

3rd grade

  1. Mathew Jennings, Spout Springs
  2. Jackson Braumer, Spout Springs
  3. Konstantinos Parastatidis, Martin

4th grade

  1. Gerald Kang, Chestnut Mountain
  2. Angel Okeke, Flowery Branch
  3. Jake Ledford, Flowery Branch

5th grade

  1. Joshua Mejia, Chicopee Woods
  2. Cooper Dean, Spout Springs
  3. Nate Frazier, Flowery Branch

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