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Gillsville city council has 1 spot to fill, with no takers
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People in Gillsville seem satisfied with the way their town is run.

So satisfied, in fact, that no one wanted to run for an open city council seat this year.

Gillsville Mayor Larry Poole said the council will select and appoint someone to fill the Post 2 seat in January.

This is the first time this unusual situation has happened in Gillsville.

Poole said there was no clear indication in official city documents of how to address the issue.

“In short, we have researched this thing at every angle we could through the city charter and any other relevant documentation, and it appears this specific situation isn’t covered. We can’t find anywhere where it references there being no one who has signed up for a seat,” he said.

Poole said the council will follow the advice of the city attorney and treat the open seat like a vacancy. In the case someone is unable to complete their term, the council has the ability to appoint a replacement.

“As of Jan. 1 of next year, Post 2 will become a vacant seat,” Poole said. “The city council right now plans to consider candidates and make an appointment.”

Poole said the city council has not yet selected anyone for the seat, but they want to take their time and make a smart decision.
Poole, who has been mayor since the mid 1990s, is running unopposed for another term. Councilman Roy Turpin also will seek re-election with no competition.

Because Gillsville is such a tight community — just 225 people inside the city limits — Poole said few people have issues with the council.

“For the most part, the citizens know the council members personally,” Poole said. “They assume things are taken care of.”

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