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Eden to enter Hall County Tax Commissioner race
0415TAXCOMMISHDarla Eden

Darla Eden, a certified public accountant, business executive and lifelong Hall County resident, has announced her candidacy for the county’s Tax Commissioner post.

The primary is set for July 31. Qualifying is set for May 23-25.

Eden served as Hall County’s Finance Director from 1998 to 2000 and county auditor the six years prior to that.

“Having worked in the private sector, the Hall County Finance Department as director and as the county’s auditor, my work experience has prepared me for the needs and responsibilities of the Tax Commissioner’s office,” Eden said. “I very much look forward to returning to public service and making a positive difference in my hometown.”
She currently is chief financial officer for the Jim Walters Companies.

“My priorities are to ensure accuracy by implementing quality controls and overseeing consistent accounting processes, working efficiently with the municipalities and to emphasize professionalism throughout the department ensuring taxpayer interactions are handled in a responsible and efficient manner,” Eden said.