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Who won the debate? It depends on your politics
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When many people tuned in to the vice presidential debate Thursday, they were waiting for a shock, a major gaffe from either candidate. But when the smoke cleared, it was just two politicians, engaged in a political debate.
Ashley Bell, a Democrat, referred to the debate as "lackluster."

"If you were a Democrat, you thought Joe Biden won that debate hands down, if you were a Republican, you thought Sarah Palin won it hands down ... if you're an independent, you probably saw two people that were very prepared for debate, that anticipated just about every question and had responses," Bell said.

After a series of rough interviews, many were expecting Palin to fail. But Republican Jane Bowder said while she was confident all along, Palin proved herself as a real contender Thursday.

"I thought she called out Biden and held her own," Bowder said. "She did beautifully. I think she was the winner of this."

Bowder said she felt Palin has gotten unfair treatment from the media.

"The attacks that Sarah Palin has had to go through with that (Katie Couric) interview, and how she has been mocked and mocked and mocked with those snippets, it's all they show. But what about the ones Biden did?"
Tom McAllister is a Republican, but said though Palin performed well, she wasn't the winner.

"From a technical standpoint, I thought Joe Biden won the debate. ... I thought Biden made his points better," McAllister said.

But McAllister said he thinks many people connected with Palin's speaking style.

"Gov. Palin's skill set is having that down-to-earth, folksy type stuff. She talked about ‘Joe Six Pack' and some of her family relating things, and I think that relates very well to the average U.S. citizens," McAllister said. "Jimmy Carter kind of had a more folksy approach."

Democrat Abb Hayes said he was not impressed with Palin's down-home attitude.

"I just think she was a lot more style than substance, which I think has been her M.O. since she joined the race" Hayes said. "I just don't see any concrete ideas about anything."

Hayes said he felt Joe Biden "did a great job" and was the winner of the race.

"The specificity in his answers showed the experience that he has and the clear vision he and Sen. (Barack) Obama have for the country," Hayes said.

Bell said some are not impressed by Palin's demeanor, but her style does have appeal.

"Governors, and people that are in state office, are just more folksy and more down-home than federal politicians," Bell said. "Democrats can't overlook the fact that she's very politically talented. ... That's what got our last president elected twice. Each election he seemed more like the regular guy."

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