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Election Guide for July 15 state primary
What you need to know for the election
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The next election for Georgia voters is the state primary on July 15. In that election, voters will select their party nominee choices in all statewide races, including U.S. Senator, House of Representatives, state legislature and other local races.

Below are the offices which are up for election in area counties and candidates who have qualified for them; R and D designate Republican and Democratic qualifiers; (I) designates incumbent.

Statewide races
U.S. Senator
Saxby Chambliss-R (I)
Dale Cardwell-D; Vernon Jones-D; Rand Knight-D; Josh Lanier-D; Jim Martin-D

Public Service Commission
District 4: Pam Davidson-R; Lauren W. McDonald Jr.-R
Bob Indech-D; Jim Powell-D
District 1: H. Doug Everett-R (I); Rick Collum-R

General Assembly
State Senator
District 27: Jack Murphy-R (I)
District 47: Ralph Hudgens-R (I); Tim Riley-D
District 50: Nancy Schaefer-R (I); Jim Butterworth-R; Terry Rogers-R
District 51: Chip Pearson-R (I)
District 49: Lee Hawkins-R (I)

State Representative
District 7: David Ralston-R (I)
District 8: Charles Jenkins-D (I); Stephen Allison-R
District 9: Amos Amerson-R (I); Steve Gooch-R
District 10: Rick Austin-R; Mark Reed-R
District 23: Mark Hamilton-R (I)
District 24: Tom Knox-R (I)
District 25: James Mills-R (I); Christopher Strickland-D
District 26: Carl Rogers-R (I)
District 27: Doug Collins-R (I)
District 28: Jeanette Jamieson-D (I); Michael Harden-R
District 31: Tommy Benton-R (I)

Hall County
Elections Office, 2285 Browns Bridge Road, 770-531-6945

U.S. Representative
Ninth District: Nathan Deal-R (I); Jeff Scott-D

Hall County Board of Commissioners
Chairman: Tom Oliver-R (I)
Post 2: Chris Masters-R; Billy Powell-R (I)
Post 4: Ashley Bell-D; Deborah Mack-D (I)

Hall Board of Education
Post 3: Craig Herrington (I)
Post 4: Nath Morris (I)

County officers
Clerk of Court: Charles Baker-R; Jennifer Gibbs-R; Bob Vass-R
Coroner: Marion Merck, R (I)
Surveyor: Chris Patton, R (I)
Magistrate: Margaret Gregory-R (I)
Probate Judge: Patti Cornett-R (I); Dan Sammons-R
Sheriff: Steve Cronic-R (I)
State Court Solicitor: Larry Baldwin-R (I)
Tax Commissioner: Keith Echols-R (I); J.C. Smith-R

Banks County
144 Yonah-Homer Road, Homer, 706-677-6260

Board of Education
Post 1: Neal Brown-R (I); John (David) Kennedy-D
Post 2: Ron Gardiner-D (I)
Post 4: John Williams-R (I); David W. Martin-R

Other offices
Commission chairman (Post 1): Gene Hart-R (I); Milton L. Dalton-R
Clerk of Superior Court: Tim Harper-D (I)
Tax commissioner: Margaret H. Ausburn-D (I); Becky Taylor-R
Sheriff: Charles Chapman-R (I); Carlton Speed-R
Coroner: Henry Galloway-R (I)
County surveyor: Tim Lewallen-R (I)
Probate judge: Betty Thomas (I)
Chief magistrate: Ivan Mote (I)

Dawson County
1 Courthouse Square, Suite 100, Dawsonville, 706-344-3640

Board of Education
District 1: Doris N. Cook-R (I)
District 2: Elaine W. Wilson-R (I)
District 4: Roger D. Slaton-R (I)

County commission
Chairman: Mike Berg-R (I)
District 2: Terri Tragesser-R (I); James C. Swafford-R
District 4: Julie Hughes Nix-R (I); Thayer Spencer-R; Kurt Krattinger-R

Other offices
Probate court judge: Jennifer Burt-R (I); Henry Young-R
Chief magistrate: Lisa A. Thurmond-R; Marsha Freeman Walker-R; Dan Pichon-R
Superior court clerk: Becky V. McCord-R (I)
Sheriff: Billy Carlisle-R (I)
Tax commissioner: Linda G. Townley-R (I)
Surveyor: Frederick C. Youngman-R (I)

Forsyth County
110 East Main St., Cumming, 770-781-2118

Board of education
District 3: Tom Cleveland-R (I); Edward A. Castle-R
District 4: Shelia Elliott-D; Darla Sexton Light-R; Fletcher McCone-R
District 5: Nancy Roche-R (I); Tim Plotner-R

County commission
District 2: Brian Tam-R (I); Michael J. Busse-R; Joseph Moore-R; Charles Smith-R
District 4: David W. Richard-R (I); Patrick Bell-R; Jon Flack-D
District 5: Jim Boff-R; Terry Sweeney-R; Julie Tressler-R; Walter Waddell-R

Other offices
Clerk of Superior Court: Charles A. Adams-R; Greg G. Allen-R; Walter Brown-R
Sheriff: Ted Paxton-R (I); B. Millard-R; Scott Pruitt-R
Coroner: Lauren W. McDonald III-R (I); Phil Faulkner-R
Tax commissioner: Matthew C. Ledbetter-R (I); Bill R. Jenkins-R
Probate judge: Lynwood D. Jordan Jr.-R (I)
Chief magistrate: Barbara Cole (I)
State court solicitor: Leslie Case Abernathy-R (I)
District attorney: Penny Penn (I)

Habersham County
555 Monroe St., Unit 45, Clarkesville, 706-754-4068

Board of Education
District 1: Richard (Dick) Martin-R (I); Richard Trent DeMore-R
District 2: Robert H. Barron-R; Kenneth David Kerby-R

County commission
District 1: Lamar (Sonny) James-R; Ura Crowe-Drew-D
District 4: Lee A. Mulkey-R
District 5: Douglas Vermilya-R (I); Jimmy Kratz Jr-R; George Locke Arnold-R

Other offices
Clerk of court: David C. Wall-R (I)
Sheriff: James DeRay Fincher-R (I); Paul E. Chesebro-R; Danny Robert Moody-R; Joseph (Joey) Michael Terrell-R
State court judge: Linton K. Crawford Jr. (I)
Solicitor general: M. Steven Campbell-R (I)
Probate judge: Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) Moore Jr-R; Florence B. Wikle-R; Lynne McDonald Dockery-R; Sue Bottoms-R; Beth Cantrell-D
Chief magistrate judge: James N. Butterworth-R (I)
Tax commissioner: June Murphy Black (I); Rhoda Seabolt-R
Coroner: Michael Douglas Gosnell-R; Kasey Charles McEntire-R; Kenneth Franklin-R; James Robert (Bobby) Barrow-R

Jackson County
67 Athens St., Jefferson, 706-367-6377

County commission
Chairman: Tony Beatty-R; Hunter Bicknell-R; Ron Johnson-R

Other offices
Superior Court Clerk: (I) Camie Wilkes Thomas-R (I)
Solicitor General: Donald E. Moore-R (I)
Probate Court Judge: Margaret Deadwyler-R (I)
Magistrate Court Judge: Billy Chandler-R (I)
Sheriff: Stan Evans-R (I), Jim Keinard-R
Tax Commissioner: Don Elrod-R (I)
Coroner: Keith Whitfield-R (I)
County Surveyor: Dan Venable-R (I)
Board of Education, Post 1: Michael B. Cronic-R (I); Brett Schwartz-R
District Attorney: Rick Bridgeman-R (I); Donna Sikes-R; Brad Smith-R (for Piedmont Circuit - Banks, Barrow and Jackson)

Lumpkin County
99 Courthouse Hill, Suite G, Dahlonega, 706-864-6279

County commission
Chairperson: Deborah Hutcheson-R; Marvin J. Martin-R; John "Dr. John" Raber-R
District 1: Timothy P. Ragland-R; Bill Scott-R
District 2: Tim Bowden-R; Steve Shaw-R; Richard Von Scherr-R

Other offices
Superior court clerk: Michael A. Davis-R; Rita Harkins-R; Allison Martin-R; Jannie Underwood-R
Magistrate judge: Jeff Lowe (I)
Sheriff: Mark McClure-R (I); Stacy Jarrard-R
Tax commissioner: Jonathan Fitzpatrick-R; Rachel Ellen Pruitt-R; Lana B Pruitt-D
Surveyor: Douglas R. Sherrill-R
Coroner: Larry Ford Banister-R

White County
59 S. Main St., Cleveland, 706-865-7812

Board of education
Chairman: Kendyl R. Brock-R (I); John Daniel Liles-D
District 1: Jan Brooks McDonald-R (I); Jay P. Westmoreland-R
District 4: Charlie Thomas-R

Other offices
Commission chairman: Rick Post-R; Teresa E. Stansel-R; Travis C. Turner-R; Joe Hatcher-D
Superior court clerk: Dena M. Adams-R (I)
Sheriff: Neal Walden-R (I)
Probate judge: Garrison Baker-R (I)
Tax commissioner: Cindy Gilreath Cannon-R (I)
Chief magistrate judge: Joy R. Parks (I)
Coroner: Ricky Barrett-R (I); Brian K. Alexander-R
Surveyor: Eddie Hood-R (I)

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