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Softball gave this East Hall senior opportunities. She turned around and did the same for girls behind her
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East Hall's Macy Banks - photo by Scott Rogers

Macy Banks knew she wanted to be a college softball player from a young age.

She joined her first travel softball team at 10 years old and quickly realized she had a knack for the sport. Banks excelled at pitching and batting, and by the eighth grade, she was already starting to see interest from recruiters.

“At that point, I was like ‘OK, I think if I really stick with this and work really hard, I could be really good at this,’” Banks said. “And eventually maybe play in college.”

Once she had a goal in mind, high school went pretty much as planned for Banks — now a senior at East Hall. 

She started as a pitcher for the Lady Vikings softball team as a freshman, receiving immediate interest from Georgia State. 

Class of 2020

The Times puts together this special senior recognition each year, highlighting a few standout stories from our local seniors, but this year we’ve added graduation lists from our local schools in an effort to honor as many graduates as we can. We hope you’re inspired by these stories and join us in celebrating the class of 2020. You can view these stories online as well as upcoming photo coverage of this year's graduation ceremonies.

10172019 EAST 2.jpg
East Hall pitcher Macy Banks delivers a pitch for the Lady Vikings Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2019, in their second round of Class 3A softball playoff game with Cook High at the East Hall Community Center. - photo by Scott Rogers

She visited the Atlanta campus in the spring of her sophomore year and received an offer to continue her softball career with the Panthers. 

“I really loved the coaches and the campus and everything about playing there,” Banks said. “So when they offered me, I was super excited. I was just super, super excited that the coaches thought I was good enough and wanted to give me an opportunity to play there one day.”

Banks received first-team all region honors for Region 7-3A all four years of high school, leading the Lady Vikings to four consecutive region championships and making it all the way to the 3A state quarterfinals as a senior. 

“The softball program has made so much history since I’ve been at East Hall,” she said. “I’ll never forget the moments we’ve created and I’ve had there.”

Banks said she has always been appreciative of the support the team received from the East Hall community, and in her junior year she found a way to use her softball skills to give some of that support back. 

While she was working concessions at the East Hall Community Center, parents of younger girls began approaching her to ask if she would be interested in giving pitching lessons. 

“I had never really thought about giving lessons before, but I was like, I’m always (at the East Hall Community Center), so I might as well,” she said. “So I started giving lessons to one or two girls, and then I made a few posts on Facebook and I got a lot of feedback from it.”

Over the past two years, Banks has administered classes to five or six girls at a time, coaching them up so they can one day become impact players for the Lady Vikings themselves.

“I enjoy teaching other girls about softball, because around the East Hall area, there’s not a lot of places you can get hitting and pitching lessons,” Banks said. “I was like, I might as well use this opportunity to help other people.”

In addition to playing softball, Banks received a nursing assistant certification as a dual-enrollment student. She plans to study kinesiology or public health at Georgia State and eventually become a physician’s assistant. 

But no matter where her future schooling takes her, Banks said she will always remember where it began.

“Just being able to have that opportunity to play a lot and receive tons and tons of opportunities was really special to me,” Banks said. “I’ll never forget all the things that East Hall has given to me.”

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