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North Hall High School sees jump in student COVID-related absences and quarantine numbers

North Hall High School recently experienced a surge in student quarantine numbers and absences resulting from positive COVID-19 cases.

By the end of Friday, May 7, the school had six positive cases among students and 84 students in quarantine, according to Stan Lewis, the Hall County Schools’ director of communications. During April, North Hall High’s daily COVID- related absences with students and staff ranged from zero to one. For March, the highest count reached four on March 4 and March 5.

When asked if the uptick in student absences was related to an unsanctioned prom that took place off campus on April 30, Lewis said the district could not give any indication of the two’s connection.

“That would be difficult for us to determine since it was not a district sanctioned event,” Lewis told The Times on Friday. 

Lewis explained that attending such events are personal family decisions, and the system respects its stakeholders’ decisions in those matters. 

“However, when we hold events sanctioned by the district, appropriate mitigation measurements will be implemented based on current numbers and advice from local health officials,” he said.

Lewis said he has been told that no graduating seniors at North Hall High have been affected by the COVID-related and quarantine absences. 

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