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The latest construction plans for these Hall County Schools

Hall County school officials discussed preliminary construction plans for West Hall Middle School, Sardis Enrichment School and Lyman Hall Elementary on Monday at the school board meeting. 

Plans are underway to improve West Hall Middle’s carpool line, as well as improve access to McEver Road. As of now, school officials said, the school is virtually hidden from the main road, and the improvements will make it more visible and accessible. 

The district also plans to renovate the “core” of Sardis Elementary — which includes administration offices and the cafeteria — and perhaps extend the left wing of the building so it attaches to the slender northern section. The building is some 50 years old, officials said. The project would cost $8 million to $9 million dollars, according to Matt Cox, executive director of facilities and construction. 

The Lyman Hall project would be “much more complicated” than Sardis, Cox said, who said that he and the other architects have drafted more than a dozen potential site plans. The classrooms are small, much less than 700 square feet, and the walls are thin. The layout is such that various rooms cannot be fully used for their designated purpose, and students and staff find themselves shuffling around to make due with the space they have. 

Officials seemed to suggest that the projects will be paid for by CARES funding. Officials noted that CARES funds must be used by Sept. 2024, as required by federal guidelines. 

The meeting was held at Martin Technology Academy to celebrate and tour the new multimedia learning commons, which serves as library, a media room and a general work space. 

Before, students used a giant green sheet as a makeshift green screen. Now, the commons has a dedicated room where students can film the morning announcements and work on other media projects. The school received its STEM certification from the state in 2016, and the space was renovated primarily to support the school’s STEM enrichment programs. Programs include Lego Robotics, gardening and aerospace engineering, and vary by grade level. 

Students have also partnered with Kubota and Harris Products Group, which are helping students build race cars, for instance, and making them as aerodynamic as possible. 

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