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How to register for Hall and Gainesville schools 2021-2022
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The student registration process can be time consuming, but it’s easier if you know where to begin and what is expected.

The process for both Hall County and Gainesville City schools involves completing the online application, where you upload the required documents, and scheduling an online appointment with a school employee who will review your application.

The process is virtually identical for both Hall County and Gainesville City schools: 

Step 1. Required Documents

You will upload the required documents while filling out the online application. Using your smartphone may be easiest if you do not already have the documents saved to your computer or do not own a scanner. You can take photos of the documents with your phone while filling out the application and upload them directly from your photo library, or you can use an app such as Microsoft Lens (available for both iPhone and Android) to save them as PDFs and upload them. There are five types of documents you will need.

1. Age verification

2. Two proofs of residency

3. Parent/guardian photo ID

4. Georgia Immunization Certificate

5. Certificate of vision, hearing, dental and nutritional screening.

6. Social Security card

Learn more about which documents qualify in each of these categories by visiting Hall County’s student registration page or Gainesville’s.

Step 2. Registration

You will register online, and the application will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Step 3. Check School Zone

You can check your school zone by using the school zone attendance maps on the appropriate school district’s website. You must enroll your child in the school where he/she is zoned. Transfers must first be approved. Transfer information is available on each system’s Transfer Information Page.

Step 4. Appointment

Schedule an online appointment with a school employee. If there are no available dates or you prefer an in-person appointment, email your school’s registrar or call your school.

Note: Even if you have submitted an application to have your child transferred to a school in another zone, schedule an appointment in your current zone, and if the transfer is approved, your registration information will be transferred.

Step 5. Online Meeting

After scheduling an appointment, you will receive an email with the details. You must have your photo ID with you during the online call.

For more information visit Hall County Schools’ and Gainesville City Schools’ student registration websites. If you still have questions, contact your school’s registrar’s office. 

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